Just a few thoughts...
My name is Willy Pittman and I've been riding Harley motorcycles for many years and miles. I
consider myself a good rider with good safety values that I take seriously.
I'm always interested
in improving my riding skills and have taken a number of basic and advanced rider courses.

I like to ride every day that I can, and I feel that you need to ride at least a 100 miles a week to
maintain your riding skills. If you can't ride that amount, honestly, I think you are endangering
yourself because you are not fine-tuning the skill levels that you need to survive on the open

My current motorcycle is a 2003 Harley Davidson FLHTCI ElectraGlide Classic with over
100,000 miles on her. In March 2010, I decided to have the motor rebuilt and signed on for the
HD Remanufacture process.
I bought her brand new and even after all these miles, you'd never
think she had that many miles on her when you look at her
, but after 100K miles she deserves
a rebuild instead of a trade-in .

I hope you enjoy some of my pictures from road trips around the USA
, see if you recognize any
of them and drop me a line!
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