I've completed my book "Motorcycle Riding and Safety Tips" that is now available !!

Here are a few subjects that are covered in my book:
Cleaning and Maintenance
Personal Attitudes
Road Hazards
Safer Riding Suggestions
Helmet Usage
Respecting Other People's Environments
Proper Refueling
And Many More Subjects!
Why did I write a book ?

I've ridden many miles over the years, and I've seen all types of motorcycle riders doing things
that I consider either unsafe or crazy. I'm not talking about racing or anything like that, I'm simply
talking about things that I consider common sense. While I can tell that some of these 'bad
riders' did not take a proper motorcycle training course, others are older riders that just have
bad habits that need pointing out.
Why buy my book ?

I've not come across a book that would cover all the above mentioned items in one place that
didn't put me to sleep while trying to complete the book., so I wrote one myself and designed it so
that it can be read easily in an hour or two.

In addition, I've also added many other Notes Sections where you can keep maintenance, road
trip, contact, accident, planned trip, restaurants and packing notes all together in one place!

Honestly, how many times have you tried to remember something that occurred on a road trip
and wished you would have taken a few notes ?

My book covers safety issues, common sense items taken from experience and I've thrown in a
few true stories to help get the points across as needed.